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Training Services

Training that Delivers True Results

Retention rates from traditional computer based training, (reading and audiovisual) are only 20% or less. However, when participants are allowed to practice through doing, retention skyrockets to 75%!

Source: National Training Laboratories

Service Features

Hassle Free

We bring the training to you! Training can be delivered on-site, with both online and offline capabilities.

In-depth Analytics

Extensive data collection and metrics allow you to accurately and easily assess your team’s strengths and areas needing additional training.

Effective Tracking

Dashboard reports allow for a quick overview, and customizable reporting options allow you to track and measure training instantly in additional detail.


Our platform allows clients to assign, manage, and review training by individual employee, employee groups, and company wide to ensure compliance.

Reports & Analytics

Training Course Module Directory

Pipeline Pigging

Pipeline Line Location

Compressor Station Management

Compressor Station Electrical Safety

Customizable Training


If you believe in being innovative and using the technologies of tomorrow to drive efficiency, productivity and transformation, Novellus group is the place for you! Get in touch as we are always excited about new leaders who have the right attitude and expertise to take our solutions to the next level.

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